Litex Bi-Monthly Report | May 2021- June 2021

1 min readJul 2, 2021


Technology Update

1. In order to improve communication efficiency, the interaction pattern of federated chain nodes is discussed, and an attempt is made to increase the node level to optimize the whole P2P interaction process.

2. Design to achieve different levels of nodes endowed with different communication resources, to achieve a reasonable allocation of network resources.

3. Discuss the possibility and necessity of implementing light nodes in consortium blockchain.

4. In response to policy initiatives on low carbon, the team worked on initial designs to improve server usage efficiency and optimize server configurations.

5. Optimize the loading logic of the official website and decouple the processing of dynamic data from static data.

6. Official deployment migration to an automated deployment tool that responds to the latest status in real time.

Marketing Activities

1) Litex team was invited to participate in the Web 3.0 Technology Ecology Summit held by WTA (Web 3.0 Technology Alliance) in Beijing on June 30, 2021




LITEX is a decentralized value exchange ecosystem based on layer2 technology.