Litex Bi-Monthly Report | September 2021- October 2021

Nov 4, 2021


Technology Update

1. Avoid non-selected txs to have info field update when the batch is full

2. Improve Sync process to handle blocks with SC Events

3. fix imports and layout

4. move prover struct to coordinator group

5. added possibility to update tx with invl status

6. Adding new request for updating transactions in tx-pool

Marketing Events

1) Litex was invited to participate in the 2021 World Blockchain Industry Summit held in Shenzhen on September 15, 2021.

2) Litex was invited to participate in the Global Blockchain Application New Economy Summit and Filecoin Anniversary Celebration in Shenzhen on October 15, 2021.




LITEX is a decentralized value exchange ecosystem based on layer2 technology.