Litex Bi-Monthly Report | September 2022- October 2022

1 min readNov 1, 2022

Technology Update

1) Research EIP-3525,Defines a specification where EIP-721 compatible tokens with the same SLOT and different IDs are fungible.

2) Fix the CLI not always taking into account — fee-payer and — fee-granter flags.

3) The built-in callTracer now supports an option onlyTopCall. Enabling this option makes the tracer skip internal calls. We added this option to enable use of the callTracer to get the return data of reverted transactions.

4) Storage of trie node hash preimages is now disabled by default. You can enable it again using the — cache.preimages flag.

5) Registering of clef ruleset UIs should now work correctly.

6) lxt binaries in docker are now statically-linked.

7) Research exploring incremental verification and SNARKS without pairings,50% complete.

8)New diagnostic command to show database metadata,completed 50%.

9) Optimize nonce handling performance in the txpool,45% completed.




LITEX is a decentralized value exchange ecosystem based on layer2 technology.