LITEX Biweekly Report (11.11–11.15)

2 min readNov 18, 2019


Weekly Highlights:

  • The White Paper Draft on our official website has been updated.
  • We are working on LITEX’s business terminal’s research and will select some service providers in the near future and add them to LITEX Payment Protocol.

Technical Advances:

  • Payment: Tested Channel Management Module’s related function and access port, added and to Channel Management Module.
  • DApp: Fixed the problem with Federation Chain’s node, and created the script to oversee and reboot the nodes when problem occurs.

Marketing Updates:

  • The White Paper Draft on our official website has been updated.

It’s been two years since we first launched our project. We’ve done a lot of studies and explored the projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East regarding their cryptocurrency payment infrastructures. We have also gained valuable experience with Ethereum DApp and Layer 2 technology, and our LITEX Store is slowly gaining popularity within the industry.

The White Paper Draft on our official website has been updated recently. In this update, we have summarized our reflection and exploration of the Blockchain industry, and the ideas and thoughts behind our product designs. We also hope this newly updated White Paper Draft can bring some reflections and thoughts from its readers regarding blockchain’s real-world applications and problems and some possible solutions.

  • We are currently working on LITEX’s business terminal’s research.

Lately, we have started to research the LITEX’s business terminal and we will select a group of service providers to add to the LITEX Payment Protocol. We hope this will increase the number of available payment scenarios in the LITEX Store, and allowing users to use ERC-20 assets directly in the LITEX Store in the near future.






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LITEX is a decentralized value exchange ecosystem based on layer2 technology.