Technology Update

1. Change order of items in stringtokentypes

2. Add missing sepolia testnet flag checks

3. Document JSON field name equivalents of DynamicFeeTx

4. Ignore fee when comparing with pool gasprice in txpool

5. Update unclean shutdown markers regularly

6. Remove mentions of snap sync

Marketing Events

1) Litex was invited to participate in the World Metaverse Conference in Shenzhen on December 27, 2021

Technology Update

1. Avoid non-selected txs to have info field update when the batch is full

2. Improve Sync process to handle blocks with SC Events

3. fix imports and layout

4. move prover struct to coordinator group

5. added possibility to update tx with invl status

6. Adding new request for updating transactions in tx-pool

Marketing Events

1) Litex was invited to participate in the 2021 World Blockchain Industry Summit held in Shenzhen on September 15, 2021.

2) Litex was invited to participate in the Global Blockchain Application New Economy Summit and Filecoin Anniversary Celebration in Shenzhen on October 15, 2021.

Technology Update

1. Use discover 5 to Optimize p2p network communication

2. Prepare to upgrade the contracts of bridge and the official release version is coming soon

3. Fixed the layer2 withdraw timeout error and improved the withdraw limit

4. Fixed the layer2 contracts missing double quote

5. Upgraded the contracts deploy script for the testing net and updated the default local deployment parameter

6. Fixed the version open zeppelin contracts dependence

Marketing Events

1) Litex was invited to participate in the FAF Worldchain Blockchain Conference held by ShiLian Finance in Shenzhen on August 7, 2021.

Technology Update

1. In order to improve communication efficiency, the interaction pattern of federated chain nodes is discussed, and an attempt is made to increase the node level to optimize the whole P2P interaction process.

2. Design to achieve different levels of nodes endowed with different communication resources, to achieve…

Weekly Highlights:

  • In the near future, LITEX and its partners will adopt token exchange to further the real-world payment scenarios development.
  • LITEX Federation Chain Nodes’ version has been updated, now supporting p2p auto-discover.

Technical Advances:

  • Payment: Optimized’s access port with third/fourth party payment, and realized a more common protocol.

Weekly Highlights:

  • The White Paper Draft on our official website has been updated.
  • We are working on LITEX’s business terminal’s research and will select some service providers in the near future and add them to LITEX Payment Protocol.

Technical Advances:

  • Payment: Tested Channel Management Module’s related function and access port…

Weekly Highlights:

  • LITEX and MXC are cooperating on the token exchange, this will further the development of LITEX Store’s payment scenarios.
  • On 7th Nov, LITEX CMO Laura was invited to the 8th AMA session “MX Lifesty — Leading Blockchain’s LifeStyle”

Technical Advances:

  • Payment: reconstructed channel management function, separating channel…

Weekly Highlights:

  • We have combined both’s and’s payment contract functions.
  • Our response to the rumors related to LITEX lately.
  • As for now, we are cooperating with HuobiGlobal, OKEX, and MXC, and recharge HT/OKB/MX via LITEX Store is now available.

Technical Advances:

  • Payment: Tested the business end’s POS system…


LITEX is a decentralized value exchange ecosystem based on layer2 technology.

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